Saturday, December 13, 2008


Please check out the general toy qualities we try to go for (and those we avoid in Sweetie's list). Wood and other natural materials, no plastic, no characters except Harry Potter (though not the scary characters please).

Little'Un is wearing 5s/110s these days, especially in dresses and shirts. She's really in a size 4 pant, though 5s work if they aren't bootcut. She doesn't need a lot of clothes, though.

She would like:
- a tutu
- pretend pointe shoes
- a Merida crown, necklace, clip-on earrings, shoes, wig

Updated Aug. 29, 2013

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sweetie's Wishlist

This year, Sweetie is girly girly girly. She's still into fairies. And she's still into Harry Potter right now. We aren't letting her read past the 4th book yet, so please don't give her stuff that's from later books (unless they're generic action figures or something that doesn't give away the story line). Oh, and she's in Ravenclaw house (colors are blue and bronze/gold).

Sweetie's Amazon wishlist.

Perpetual requests: We aim for simpler toys, preferably not plastic. We also try to avoid anything requiring batteries or that has characters (i.e. Disney Princesses, Dora the Explorer, etc). There's a standing exception for Harry Potter these days.

Her favorite colors are white, green and blue. Pastels are primo. Sparkles and lace make her day.

Clothes: Sweetie is currently wearing size 10 and 140 in European. She wears mostly dresses with pants or leggings, so that's the best bet, though she has started enjoying wearing pants again. Her very favorite dresses are either from Land's End or from Hanna Andersson. Please try to buy her one "outfit" (dress and pants or dress and tights -- something for her top and something to cover her bottom, as appropriate for the season) from either Hanna Andersson or Lands End, rather than a whole bunch of different items of clothing. I know they're pricey, but they also wear forever and she loves them.

Other random items:
  • Ribbons (primarily for hair) in lots of colors
  • Flashlight (rechargeable)
  • Red curly wig (shoulder length)
  • 2 Tiaras (one for her and one to share)

updated November 26, 2011

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Anabel's Wish List

I'd love some things to help further my career path.  There are a lot of new publications that I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy yet.

Wool socks. I know this sounds odd to the Minnesotans, but it gets so cold in our house and at the park! I'm loving wool socks and need more. I wear a size-10 shoe in Women's.

Anabel's Amazon wishlist

updated November 17, 2014

Eric's Wishlist

Donate to:

-OR- make your first loan at

A subscription to or

New shirts (blue preferably) 15-15 1/2 neck 32/33

Black or gray pants 32x32 not dry clean only.

Wool clothes. Shirts, socks, anything.

If someone wanted to be silly they could get me a ream of white card stock paper (100lb. paper. . . uh, not 100 pounds of paper)

Here is my amazon wishlist if anyone is interested:

updated November 26, 2011


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